About Fenella

About Fenella Smith

About Fenella Smith

I live in the Chilterns near Henley on Thames with my husband, three step children; Phoebe, Oscar and Thea, daughter Finty and two dogs; Bramble my beloved Labrador and Fox our crackers rescue Border Collie.

I come from a very creative family and work closely with my brothers Myles and Greg who run animation agency The Brothers McLeod.

Our childhood was one of outdoor adventure, a music room full of instruments to play and parents who encouraged us to follow our dreams and not mind where those dreams took us.

My nana Adelaide had a wonderful collection of ceramics which I used to gaze at through cabinet glass, when she passed away she left me not only her mischievous sense of humour but those ceramics I had spent so long pondering upon as a child, that inheritance was the key that unlocked my ambition to create Fenella Smith.

At Fenella, each day is a journey to ensure we have the best quality products that will enhance a home. I have a wonderful team who work incredibly hard and fill the office with laughter and woofs (They bring their dogs to work). 


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