Dogs Trust

Before Fenella Smith I worked for the wonderful Hope Foundation in Calcutta, working for a small charity that created massive impact opened my eyes to what can be achieved with a little money well used. It has always been in my mind that Fenella Smith would contribute in some way to charity, I have been blessed with a happy uncomplicated life and so it is important I feel to help other beings with less fortune.

When an opportunity came to support the Dogs Trust with a special collection I was thrilled. The Dogs Trust team have such a positive vibe and always give the supporter a sense of really having achieved something fabulous. The rehoming centres are at the forefront of their field with ‘real life rooms’ where dogs can learn about living in a domestic environment from letter boxes to whistling kettles! My rescue Border Collie Fox came to us from a small rescue home and it soon dawned on me that he had never been in a home before or indeed outdoors, my other dog Bramble (old and wise) has very much become Fox’s mentor, teaching him what stairs are, what joy a bed can be instead of the floor and most importantly fly ball! If he had had a chance to learn these things in a rehoming centre his transition would have been much less stressful.  I could rattle on and on about the wonderful work the Dogs Trust do, I will post more on my Blog and you can also have a mooch around their website.

We now have 3 collections for Dogs Trust and I donate 25% of my net sales to the charity from these collections. 

25% of the net sale price of this product will be donated to Dogs Trust, a charity registered in England and Wales (227523) and Scotland (SC037843)


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